30 Days to a Better Man – Day 19 – I Adulted!

Can I just be honest and say being an adult is really lame? I spent my day making “exciting” phone calls to doctor offices. Today’s task was getting a physical, but the idea of having a physical where the doctor touches you makes me want to cry so I didn’t do that. Instead, I got some important stuff done. I’ve said a few times that I’m going to be gone Image result for gif calling for helpover the summer so, in preparation, I need to make sure my life doesn’t systematically fall apart during my absence. A couple of these were medical visits meaning the dentist and the eye doctor. My sister and I were told we needed to go to the dentist in March and it is now May so I decided it was time to get that done, so I immediately contacted my mom since I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. No, but really, I got the contact information off of her and spent my morning on the phone. I swear the universe is out to get me because I was just barely able to get my appointments figured out. It’s times like these that really awaken me to how dependent I am. It’s sad really.

Once I was done I realized that today’s post was going to be rather bland since I basically didn’t do what I was supposed to and I didn’t even read the article on AoM because I totally refuse the idea of a physical. So I obliged myself and read the article anyway. They make some fair points about the value of getting a physical. As I continued to read through the post I noticed a lot of the steps of a physical were pretty normal. Then I had a genius idea. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I could put up withexercise someone I knew giving me a physical (except the getting naked part). My mom is a nurse so she could definitely do a physical. Although it wouldn’t be official, at least a medical professional has given me look. Sure enough, she was totally on board and she was proud of me for being bold enough to ask. Overall, it was uneventful. Apparently, I need to eat better and exercise more, but I already knew that. But if I cared about my health all that much then I would have gotten an actual physical with 100% nudity.

The real takeaway is that I put on my big boy pants and actually got some important stuff done. It’s another thing I don’t have to worry about this month so that’s good news. I just hope I can get some new glasses this time. It’s hard to wear glasses with only one arm still attached to the frames.

Someone who has come to realize Velma looking for her glasses is a little too real,


Some sweet, sweet links:

Adult- https://www.theodysseyonline.com/the-16-skills-you-need-in-order-to-win-at-adulting

Call – https://giphy.com/gifs/help-frog-puppet-gw3MYmhxEv8T52ow

Abs – https://www.pinterest.com/soupaircool/cultivating-my-stripper-body/


30 Days (or more) to a Better Man – Day 18? – Heyyo! I’m Back :)

I’m sure there was doubt, but I have defied the odds because I Am BACK!! It feels SO great to be back here typing away for my runty, but fantastic, audience. It was a rough week of exams and it won’t be the last one, but it’s over for now and we will move on. Follow my descent into silence by going here, then here and finally, go here. This bloginconsistent Jacksfilms has become as consistent as a YouTube channel that promises new videos every “blank”day (enjoy that vague youtuber joke and link). Sorry about that.

Anyway, it is time to get back to the “daily” series 30 days to a better man. “Today” is about finding your nuts. It’s harder than it sounds. Alright, innuendos aside, this was actually meant to be a thoughtful and deep day. N.U.T.s stands for Non-negotiable, Unalterable Terms. This is supposed to be the things in your life you are steadfastly out to hold onto. Mostly in the moral or ideal department. Some examples: I say what I want, I do as I see fit, I do not tolerate my wife’s attempts to belittle me and so on. I picked some of the more over-the-top options found on AoM, but this is meant to be serious. I have no idea why, but I have struggled beyond belief with this one. I’m not a very pushy person and I don’t enjoy being really set in my ways unless I’m really passionate about something like the undeniable quality of anime or the pronunciation of Redamak’s. NoneRedamaks the less, I struggled. The examples on the site (find them here) just seemed so generic or selfish. I wasn’t a fan and they weren’t getting my creative juices flowing (as nasty as it sounds). My scientific personality type is INFJ (click on it to learn about me because I’m apparently a rare breed) and it basically puts me as the lovable do-gooder. BettyWhich is about me to a T because I can’t even do the InFamous playthrough of THE GAME InFamous: Second Son. My conscience has eaten away at my mettle after betraying Betty and that’s only the first choice. I’m getting too wordy again.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that I don’t know what my basic N.U.T.s are. When the situations that arise in my life to wield my NUTs then I’ll do it. The way AoM puts it is this: Relationships would be a lot simpler if the people involved were able to quickly and simply state their NUTs so there is no confusion or toe-stepping later on. I mean, fair enough. I’ve had friendships in which it would haven been Sooo beneficial if we had gotten something out in the open right away. But I don’t think people are that simple. I take a lot of pride in being able to see through the facades people put up. Just another interesting skills in the tool belt of an INFJ. I picked my career because I understand people and I like to make others happy. I don’t want to antagonize anyone over at AoM. I love their site and the content they put out and it’s brave to ask people to funnel down their motives into bite-size pieces. I even somewhat agree that some characteristics about people are obvious and can be plainly stated, but that seems to be a limit view on human personality. 90% of the fun of really getting to know someone is exploring them and discovering what makes them who they are. Actually, that’s 100% of the fun. You learn best by experience so experiencing people’s boundaries is the best way to get closer to them. If they really care about knowing YOU, then they’ll figure out your NUTs by themselves.

Again, I don’t want to downgrade AoM too much. Knowing what makes you specifically you is also important. So there is value behind hunting down a couple NUTs. A personal example could be that I’m a Christian. It’s an important aspect of who I am, but it isn’t something you would get immediately when meeting me. Now, I’m not saying you should Cashiershove these traits down random people’s throats. I don’t go to the supermarket and tell the cashier I’m a Christian while she rings up my frozen pizza. But if I’m at a party and the conversation goes somewhere I don’t feel comfortable, then I can already be prepared to pull myself out of the situation. I have an understanding of my own boundaries and the basic components of myself. This is where I personally find the value of knowing a few of your NUTs.

Overall, “today’s” task was pretty entertaining. I got to run through my house yelling “I can’t find my nuts!” so there is always that. I’m honestly just so excited to be back and I really hope this latest installment in this series was at least mildly entertaining. I mostly just hope I’ve helped someone waste time at work.

I’ll be Back,


And now for what you really came for (links, it’s links):

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Goosebumps: The Fear was Real

I previously mentioned in another post that my first chapter book was Goosebumps: The Haunted School. I got it in a package from my aunt who was getting rid of her sons’ old haunted schoolkid stuff and she thought I would like to have their Goosebumps books. My mom handed me the box after dinner one night and I was overjoyed at the opportunity. I crawled onto my dad’s lap and I spent the next four hours bingeing the first book I pulled out of the box. This was a couple beginnings for me. This was the beginning of my real love to read and of my love for the horror genre. This series holds a lot of value for me personally.

After that day, I continued to receive boxes of books every few months from my aunt (I don’t think she realized I finished each box in a week). Until they eventually stopped andhaunted mask I didn’t have the whole collection. So I scoured the Borders every once in a while in hopes of finding the copies I didn’t have yet. I also started to collect the tv series. It was like a personal vendetta, I had to have ’em all. I used to think both the books and the show were horrifying! I had a system in place for when I finished a book and how to deal with the fear that would overtake me. They were that scary to me.

There was a time when I was at a campground with my family and my cousins. The adults were having a fire so they sent inside to watch movies. I was surprised to find a VHS tape of a Goosebumps episode (it was Stay Out of the Basement). I was really excited to see it and I pushed my cousin and my sister to watch it. We got through about half of it when a loud CRACK echoed across the area. I’m man enough to admit that we all screamed. But shortly after, I realized I couldn’t hear my aunt asleep down the hall anymore. I pointed it out to the others and my cousin was worried so he stay out of the basementpushed us to go check on her. I went for the light switch, but he grabbed my arm. He said he didn’t want to wake her up just in case because she gets really angry when you wake her up. So we continued into the dark until we reached her bed, but we couldn’t tell if she was there. My sister suggested reaching out and trying to lightly test if she was there. I was unanimously “volunteered” for this mission. I slowly reached out my hand and felt around. I came back with empty sheets. We hadn’t seen or heard her leave so we had no idea where she had gone? Needless to say, we were terrified and we bolted back to the light of the tv that was now displaying the end of the show. I was too scared so it was time to get my mom, so I practically threw myself out of the dark camper into an empty circle of chairs. We were awestruck. Everyone was gone out here too! I decided to make a break for it. Whatever was taking people wasn’t going to get me. I ran as fast as I could toward the playground (the unlit playground) and straight into a person. Horrified, I looked up to find out what it was. I was confused to find my dad. He explained that anhorrorland erratic driver had blown through the playground in his truck and smashed the gate at the exit and the adults had gone to see what had happened. My aunt had been woken up by the noise and left through the back exit in the camper which I didn’t know about. I was a little kid at the time and I had a pretty good imagination (I think I still have a quality imagination for an adult) after watching a Goosebumps episode, our minds had made up an entire horror scenario to explain what had happened. It wasn’t anything particularly scary and we never would have assumed there was anything nefarious involved, but it was all fueled by a scary show.

I can look back at that moment and laugh because it was the goofy inner working of a child’s imagination, but at the time it felt like the only logical conclusion. I can also look living dummyback to that show and the books and recognize how cheesy they are. The acting, the stories, the scenarios, the jumpscares. It all seems so silly now. I’ve stated a couple times before that I’m a horror fan and my taste in film and literature has shaped my delight in the macabre. I consider myself skilled in recognizing effective horror even if I don’t get scared anymore. These books are of a higher quality for sure than their tv counterparts. They’re a cultural phenomenon. Horror stories for kids. It’s awesome. I have a strong respect for what the series has accomplished, especially with the number of copies sold (about 350 million sold in 2014!). R.L. Stine even put my name into a book as a lead character’s friend because I emailed him on my birthday and asked him to do it as a birthday present. This series has woven itself into the very fabric of my life. I literally cannot bring up this book when talking about the origin of some of my strongest interests. So today I dedicated a post entirely to this amazing series. Thank you, R.L. Stine.

A little bit sure that truck driver was mad drunk,


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30 Days to a Better Man – Day 18 Update – It’s Going to Happen, I Promise

I’m really busy with the end of school right now. Also, today’s task is really time-consuming and time is something I do not have. So instead of a DBM post today, it will be a late Trivial Matters post about something TBD. This magical other post will probably arrive closer to early tomorrow morning, sorry but I also need to sleep. Life should mellow out for me in the next couple days and this sort of thing won’t happen again until the end of May and that’s quite exciting. Also, once this series ends, posts will be about three or four times a week on other topics that are TBD. So, get hype for ambiguity.

A little behind on life,


30 Days to a Better Man – My Day 17 – People are Icky

I’m ready to admit today’s activity was awesome. I’m not a very open person. I don’t like meeting new people or being put in the spotlight unless I’m comfortable. I’d be happy to go to space for a few months and have it be just me and two other people. I like being by myself or with friends or family rather than with strangers. I always find the seat away from people in class or in the back. At parties, I find the room with books and pretend I’ve found an interesting book and I spend my time like that. I don’t appreciate talking to strangers so today put me outside my comfort zone. I had to talk to three strangers. AoM is meaning to play off the idea that men are distrustful because of how we were raised (don’t talk to strangers, they could be a serial murderer). So the idea is to take us out of our comfort zone (duh) and try to be more social. I was really nervous.

Like I said, I try to sit in the back of classes to minimize my contact with people as much as possible. Also, one of my classes ended today so I thought it would be perfect to talk to someone I hadn’t said a word to all semester. We also had a final test today and I got there early to study so I went to a private resource room for students in my major and, lo and behold, there was a girl from my class already in the room studying. I took a seat at the same table and did a little studying before I made my move (I sneezed). Then I awkwardly started a conversation on that riveting opener (I must have zero social skills). But turned out she was really chill about everything. We talked about the class and our plans for the summer and a bunch of stuff. She was really nice and we gave some friendly goodbyes later after the class ended. Stranger One was a success.

Image result for superman sneezes

I also had a plan for my second stranger (I already had plans for all the strangers [that made me sound like a serial killer, whoops] ). I don’t want to say too much about where I work but I’m in the service business and we have a small group of clientele and it’s kind of just expected of us to learn their names, but I’m awful with names. I get it from my dad. I’ve had my job for about eight months and I don’t know even half of their names.hooker It’s a little embarrassing when I need to admit it to a co-worker so, lately, I’ve been trying to have conversations with them to get to know the clients a little better (now I sound like a hooker :/ [disclaimer: I’m not a hooker] ). Near the end of my shift, I walked up to one of the ladies and talked about the evening and any plans she had for the night. After awhile of talking, I think I really got to know her better. Stranger Two was a success.

Now, I have no idea how the plan for the third stranger is going to go. I was really hoping some of the people who poke around on this blog would be willing to say something about themselves or mention how they found this thing. I would love to talk to one of you. I know this seems like a crappy little blog in the corner of nowhere on the internet, but it really has become part of my daily life and I think about what I’m going to write about next all the time. I take about a few hours every day to write on here. Anyone willing to come out to read these posts are people I want to know more about. So in summation, leave a comment and I’ll message back. And if no one sends a message then I’ll just have to cry myself to sleep again tonight. No big deal.

A little worried no one will bother,


Origin of all clever and funny pictures I added:

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hooker – https://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/you-cant-please-everyone-you-are-not-a-hooker–c4f7b/

30 Days to a Better Man – Day 7 Update – I have friends!

So day seven was focused on reconnecting with some old friends. I picked a guy who moved away during grade school and a girl I met at summer camp one year. Even though it was probably weird I messaged them out of the blue, they were still super awesome about it and willing to talk. It was fun to catch up with them and find out what they’re up to. The guy is Texas right now taking engineering classes and he seems really happy. The girl is finishing up high school this year and currently getting ready for her graduation ceremony. I wish it could have in person or with letters, but I’m just happy they’re both doing alright. I’m happy I didn’t make it 50 and I still haven’t said anything to them. I’m thinking of doing another round of it and picking some other people to talk to again. Overall, it was a super worthwhile activity and I suggest you try it out for yourself. Whoever you pick, remember, you were friends at one point and I’m sure they would love to reconnect. Just try it out.

30 Days to a Better Man – My Day 16 – One Day I’ll Make it Rain (With Hundreds)

I hate going through my bank statements. They’re boring and they make me feel like a stuffy adult. So instead they go in the laundry basket which I cover with my work stuff. The only time bank statements have surfaced was for FAFSA renewal. Other than that Image result for make it rain money gifthey mostly just disappear into the void. I have no system and I haven’t needed a system. For a while, I didn’t have a job, but I had a bank account for the checks I got over the year and so it didn’t seem important to deal with them. Fast forward a few years and now I have two jobs and I’m in college, but my budgeting has remained non-existent. I started a budget back in high school for an economics class though the only entries were “deposit of $14 from mom” then “withdrawal of $14 for Fall Festival tickets” so needless to say I wasn’t really pandering for a budgeting system. But now I’m making REDACTED a month so it may be time to plan ahead (especially when I discovered I spent more than I made last month, yikes).

Today’s task from AoM is to start a budget. So I got to work on it early today, I found a budgeting website and I located my most recent bank statements (they were still in the envelopes). But then I came across a new issue. Apparently, there is a problem with me Joselogging into my own bank account. Also, I found a few charges to my debit card from San Jose, California (I don’t leave anywhere near there). My identity hasn’t been stolen and I haven’t been hacked so that’s all good news. My bank account just needs some kind of verification to do remote billing that they never told me about and so I can’t log into my online bank account. That’s one heart attack solved, but I still have no idea about the charges. This has been a wake-up call. I’ve been too reckless with my spending and with how I handle my money. I’m going to get this all figured out as soon as possible.

So I wasn’t able to start a budget yet, but it will be done once I can figure out my bank account and get that connected to the site I’m using. I’ll be much more at ease when all of this has been sorted out.

A little frustrated with money,


Gifs and Yifs:

Rain – http://popkey.co/m/RQk4l-trending-make+it+rain-party-partying

Jose – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=car6ehhepxw&ab_channel=MikeVok