This is a place to be an update site about me and the things I think about in my life. That may sound boring but it actually is interesting to some people so don’t judge. Anyway, this is going to be a regular thing, like 2-3 posts a week, unless there is a daily series happening. I’m going to try to leave an even amount of serious posts and goofy/light-hearted posts. Also, I’m going to try to have one series going at a time and I’ll post about various other topics during those series. By the way, feel free to send me topics you’d like to read about. I’m no stranger to doing research for writing and I’d be happy to do an explorative piece or do a personal post about myself. OH! I totally forgot. I’m keeping my identity a secret. As lame as it sounds I just don’t feel comfortable sharing my identity. If you enjoy a post please leave a comment or like or whatever the equivalent on this site is. Thanks for checking this out!


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