30 Days to a Better Man – Day 19 – I Adulted!

Can I just be honest and say being an adult is really lame? I spent my day making “exciting” phone calls to doctor offices. Today’s task was getting a physical, but the idea of having a physical where the doctor touches you makes me want to cry so I didn’t do that. Instead, I got some important stuff done. I’ve said a few times that I’m going to be gone Image result for gif calling for helpover the summer so, in preparation, I need to make sure my life doesn’t systematically fall apart during my absence. A couple of these were medical visits meaning the dentist and the eye doctor. My sister and I were told we needed to go to the dentist in March and it is now May so I decided it was time to get that done, so I immediately contacted my mom since I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. No, but really, I got the contact information off of her and spent my morning on the phone. I swear the universe is out to get me because I was just barely able to get my appointments figured out. It’s times like these that really awaken me to how dependent I am. It’s sad really.

Once I was done I realized that today’s post was going to be rather bland since I basically didn’t do what I was supposed to and I didn’t even read the article on AoM because I totally refuse the idea of a physical. So I obliged myself and read the article anyway. They make some fair points about the value of getting a physical. As I continued to read through the post I noticed a lot of the steps of a physical were pretty normal. Then I had a genius idea. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I could put up withexercise someone I knew giving me a physical (except the getting naked part). My mom is a nurse so she could definitely do a physical. Although it wouldn’t be official, at least a medical professional has given me look. Sure enough, she was totally on board and she was proud of me for being bold enough to ask. Overall, it was uneventful. Apparently, I need to eat better and exercise more, but I already knew that. But if I cared about my health all that much then I would have gotten an actual physical with 100% nudity.

The real takeaway is that I put on my big boy pants and actually got some important stuff done. It’s another thing I don’t have to worry about this month so that’s good news. I just hope I can get some new glasses this time. It’s hard to wear glasses with only one arm still attached to the frames.

Someone who has come to realize Velma looking for her glasses is a little too real,


Some sweet, sweet links:

Adult- https://www.theodysseyonline.com/the-16-skills-you-need-in-order-to-win-at-adulting

Call – https://giphy.com/gifs/help-frog-puppet-gw3MYmhxEv8T52ow

Abs – https://www.pinterest.com/soupaircool/cultivating-my-stripper-body/


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