30 Days to a Better Man – My Day 12 – Disney World is a Must

I’m quite excited for today because we’re talking about death which is one of my favorite topics. That explains my love for horror films. When I was about 12 years old I created a bucket list I have since lost and forgotten. The only two I do remember are “marry a blonde” and “go back to Disney World.” Only one of these has remained on my list since disney worldthen. I guess now is a good time to reapproach and revise my bucket list. I gave myself some time to think about the big dreams I had when I was a kid and the things I’m currently interested in. Let’s get into the meat of this.

I’ve been out of the country through my high school and with my family. From these experiences I’ve realized I derive unquenchable joy from seeing the sights and traveling to far off places. My biggest traveling fantasy is backpacking across Europe, but then I saw the movie Hostel and now I don’t trust hot women or hotels. So instead, one of my bucket list entries is a trip to Germany.germany A friend
of mine went and speaks very highly of his time there and I did a little German in high school and in college so it has become one of my top choices. Also, a return to Disney World is the top priority on travel. I need to go back or else my life would have less meaning.

My family contains the most important people in my life. I have always been very close with my mom and is the number one person in my life. I’ve always been close with my sister even if we don’t get along very well. My dad may have a very hard time articulating sentimentality, but I still respect and love him. I’ve also always been close with my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. The same goes with my cousins. I am proud to say I am not only related to my family, but also friends with them. I guess I’m really blessed. My next high point of the bucket list is starting my own family. I know I want a child and finding a wife before that kid comes along would pretty nice too. Also, I want a pupper. I need a dog.

The next one is kinda random. I want to experience a REAL supernatural occurrence. This is based directly on my disbelief in anything paranormal. I love horror movies, especially ghost ones. Blair Witch Project, Grave Encounters, The Conjuring, The Grudge, Casper (the dance scene breaks my heart every time). I love all that kind of stuff and it fascinates me beyond my own comprehension. I’m a weird person. I would willingly move into the house where people were murdered because I know I could get it significantly cheaper. I’m being totally serious and I recognize how weird this may come off to most others, but it’s legitimate. I say this in hopes that it may make the next tidbit of info about me a little less strange. I want to spend a night in an abandoned insane asylum in the hopes of finding paranormal activity. If you’ve been paying attention, you would have noticed I am afraid to backpack Europe because of Hostel, but I am willing to stay a night in such a creepy place. I fear people more than ghosts. I want to prove myself wrong I guess.

The final point I want to reference from my bucket list is also quite random. Growing up I was involved in my church’s Christmas programs because it was required of all the kids. So I would volunteer for the shortest roles with the least amount of time on the stage. Until my one year, I took the initiative and applied for one of the five leads. Apparently, my performance stole the show and I was asked to return as the lead for the following year. Oddly, I said yeah. This is odd because I was a very different person at Singingthat age. I solemnly meandered through my life with my nose stuck in a book purposely being put-offish toward anyone who bothered to acknowledge me. I didn’t like being the center of attention so this is why it was odd. For the next few years, I always played the lead with my own solos. Then I hit puberty and my singing voice was permanently ruined. My final bucket list point is singing for a professional real song. I guess I just want to fulfill my biggest dream of being a singer and this is the only way I could do that. I have an odd chance coming my way soon and this may be the first major bucket list thing for me to finish.

I think it was really worthwhile to go back over this mess. I have about 15 items on the list and I feel like they’re all reasonable. Maybe if things come to pass that any of these actually happen then I’ll for sure do a follow-up post about the happenings.

A little worried about kicking the bucket,


Pics, but no dics:

Disney – http://www.dadsguidetowdw.com/

Germany – https://www.studyabroad.com/in-germany/summer

Blair – https://www.pinterest.com/billyehawes/blair-witch/

Grave – https://subscene.com/subtitles/grave-encounters

Conjuring – https://www.pinterest.com/?show_error=true

Grudge – http://efrenloresco.deviantart.com/art/The-Grudge-Fan-Art-62967167

Casper – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/375628425149755662/

Singing – https://www.pinterest.com/explore/disney-guys/


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